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Be The Change That God Wants To See

be the change

Be The Change That God Wants To See

Starting a journey of a loveful connection with God brings with it, along with the love and care experienced from God, a lot of sacrifice and discipline. This is because God is not only an Ocean of Love but also a watchful parent who expects His children to take love and belongingness from Him. But, along with that, He also expects them to give Him a return of the love. When we see physical parents, no matter how big the child becomes, the parents always expect their children to be like them and also follow them completely and be good and clean human beings. In the same way, God, the spiritual parent, has His own way of defining what is right and wrong and how we should make the right a part of our lives and keep the wrong away which can harm us on a spiritual level. Remember God’s personality is not like ours but it stands at a higher level, to reach which, we have to stand tall and upright in character. We have to also let go of not only our ego but also our rigid beliefs of a very long time.

So, to reach God and be with Him up there, which means have a personality like Him, we have to listen to His every word and every instruction. We have to also change our old ways of thinking instead of being stubborn and continuing with our old habits, which do not go away easily. There are some who promise God their love but when it comes to following in His footsteps, they are not as faithful and trustworthy as God expects them to be. So, what does one call such children? Unfaithful – we cannot call them that because they love God a lot and also like changing themselves as per God’s desire, but not to the extent which God wants them to. As a result they are seen as semi-faithful because they are loveful and loyal to God but lack the determination and power to bring significant shifts in their thinking. Also, they do not become spiritual self or soul conscious, completely pure and egoless, which are the three primary qualities required to reach upto God and stand as tall as Him.

Whenever you perform any action or speak a few words or even create a thought, ask yourself, will this thought, word or action be liked by God or not?Then create the thought or speak the word or perform the action. It’s as if God is like a role model whom I have to follow and keep in mind in the complete day. This can be called as following the footsteps of God. Such a person’s life is then filled with a lot of praise from people around them. Their words, actions and personality are a source of inspiration for others and by making God a role model for themselves; they become role models for others. God fills such clean souls with specialties that help in revealing God to the whole world and bringing people close to God. Other people will come close to God but souls who are like God in their actions become the mediums for bringing them close. Remember, initially people may find it difficult to come close to God because they are in awe of Him. Souls who are already close to God and to whom God has revealed Himself completely, will through their similarity in qualities with God, show them the way. This is not something to be proud of, but it is a bond of pure love with other souls and our duty to bring the lost ones and tie them in an eternal relationship with their spiritual parent – the Supreme. We need to make sure that they not only experience love and joy from Him but also go on to share that love and joy with others. It’s a beautiful feeling when one is able to bring someone close to God, who is the spiritual parent of humanity. Also, God wants to see the whole world family united by the thread of His love.

So, whenever you look at someone, whom you meet, remind yourself that you have a duty towards that person, which has been given to you by God. The duty means making the other person an extremely close companion of God. That is the most beautiful bond of many lifetimes and something which every human being has longed for many times in the journey of birth and rebirth.

God loves those whose actions are in tune with their thoughts i.e. they practice what they preach. Very often you will meet people who love God but their actions do not reflect that. Will someone who is egoistic or likes bringing others down, who are more successful than him or someone who is full of hatred be called as one who loves God? Does such a person’s love reach God or does God accept that love with a big heart or is such a person’s relationship with God one sided? If you want God to receive your love and also love you in return, we need to learn to make our actions and words and even our thoughts which others cannot see as what God loves. That means a personality as close to God’s personality as possible which is not very difficult. There are many people all over the world who are extremely clean and enjoy a good closeness with God because of that. It’s not that you have to leave your home and your family for doing that but you can become like Him while playing your roles in your personal as well as professional lives.It’s just a matter of being determined and having 100% love for the Supreme because where there is love for Him, change in the self becomes easy to make. Also, this change gradually becomes a lifestyle.Adopting such a lifestyle of deep change and a desire to make others also like God, who is above all of us and is the source of all the good that exists in humanity, then becomes the purpose of our life.

Many people question the reason for making an effort to becoming perfect and say that it is a waste of time. They believe that instead one should be action oriented and perform ones worldly duties and not worry about weaknesses and let them remain inside our personality. In fact, some people even go the extent of saying that let weaknesses like anger, ego and greed be a part of one’s lives because they will help us in becoming successful. This is a convenient way of running away from our responsibilities as a spiritual child of the Supreme Father. These responsibilities involve a lifestyle of active self-transformation. So, live life to its fullest but at the same time be and live the change that God wants to see inside you.


Warm Regards,
Awakening With Brahma Kumaris


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